I get so excited when I meet others who are as passionate about supporting parents as I am.  Today I met two individuals who are embarking on making their dreams a reality-creating a resource center for parents and kids.  Jane Costello and Karin Lefranc have joined forces to create “The Firefly Center: lighting the way for parents & kids”.  Jane teaches Love and Logic classes for parents of  children ages 2-13.  They are taught in a five-week series and help parents reduce power struggles, whining and arguing! Who doesn’t want that? If you are interested only in these classes,  www.blueprintparenting.com has a schedule.

Karin teaches both mindful yoga classes and “manners matter” classes.  She recently authored “A Quest for Good Manners” and is a certified children’s etiquette teacher.

I was so pleased to learn that The Firefly Center will also be offering other classes: Infant and Child CPR, Prenatal yoga, Story time, and theatre classes.  There is a huge deficit of support groups for new moms, so I was ecstatic to learn that Sarah Thayer, doula and massage therapist, will be soon beginning one at The Firefly Center.  Check out their web site for dates and rates: www.thefireflycenter.com