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Link by Link Support

Support. I find myself obsessing about how I can help new families get the support they need.  Often, there seems to be so many blocks: family distant, either physically or emotionally, one or both parents needing to work long hours to feel securely employed and make ends meet, being new to Connecticut or the community,  Continue Reading »

Nurturing Families: Serving First Time Mothers in Connecticut

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Leslie Escobales, MS, who is the Nurturing Families Coordinator affiliated with Hartford Hospital.  Ms. Escobales  (860/545-3201) kindly filled me in about  “Nurturing Connections” both at Hartford Hospital and throughout the state.  Nurturing Connections is a support service for first time parents funded by the Children’s Trust  Continue Reading »

Hartford Hospital Talk – Post Event Update

Increasing Joy: Planning for Life “After Baby” The transformation from “couple” to “family” has often been anticipated and planned for, yet new parents may be astounded by the intensity of these changes.  If you are expecting to be new parents, support can help you manage the stressful challenges of a newborn so you may cherish  Continue Reading »