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Life After Baby!

I heard an interview yesterday with Jane Roper, author of  “Double Time“, her memoir about surviving and thriving after the birth her twin daughters.  In the interview she stated that her biggest worry, when she  discovered that she was having twins, was “Is this going to completely take over my life?”  This common concern shows  Continue Reading »

The Seduction of "How to do Everything Right"

Last month, I came across a book entitled “How to do Everything Right”.  I had to chuckle-I’ve been looking for this book my whole life!  I considered the impact of this pressure I’ve always experienced to ALWAYS do EVERYTHING right.  Particularly after our first baby,  I am certain this pressure was a significant contributor to  Continue Reading »

The need for "a break" . . .

The need for “a break” can be as range from a simple “I need to get up and stretch” to “I desperately need to get away for at least two weeks”, and encompasses many other points on that continuum. My recent vacation fell into the latter category, and I’m delighted to report that it provided  Continue Reading »