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Empowered “Right” Decisions

Last week a flurry of emails filled and left my box; a study was publicized that revealed a correlational (very rough metaphor: you are very frequently in the presence of your spouse at the same places, it doesn’t mean you cause your spouse to exist) connection between the use of antidepressants and an increased risk  Continue Reading »

PPD Training for Doulas

  On March 7, I had the pleasure of meeting with postpartum doulas from Birth Partners Doulas and spoke with them about postpartum depression and anxiety.  What a wonderful group of caring and nurturing women! We discussed the multiple contributions to postpartum adjustment challenges, blocks to getting help, and communication techniques that open the door  Continue Reading »

Full term=Health= less stress=more JOY!

I’ll never forget one of the first mothers I treated for postpartum depression.  Her baby was in the NICU and she had a two year old son at home.  Going back and forth to the hospital, pumping her breast milk to give her baby the best start she could, feeling torn between caring for each  Continue Reading »

American Baby Looks at PPD

The March Issue of  “American Baby” highlights “the secret sadness”  following births in an article by Alexa Joy Sherman.  Ms Sherman  discusses both the common “baby blues” and the symptoms of postpartum depression, which afflicts up to 20% of new mothers and fathers.  Check out this informative article, which includes quotes from Dr. Thomason as  Continue Reading »

"This is for now, not forever" . . .

I met with the most delightful individual today who shared with me her excitement about the MomSource’s mission to prevent postpartum adjustment problems, hereafter referred to as PPD, which  includes depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive symptoms. Kathleen Montesi, APRN, CPNP, is a pediatric nurse practitioner and is passionate about preventing PPD. Kathleen has presented her  Continue Reading »

Sleep, sweet sleep . . .

Sleep! How new parents long for it . . . that blessed restoration of a complete, uninterrupted, sound night’s sleep.  It is THE most consistent challenge of caring for a baby: most babies require feedings at frequent intervals throughout the night as well as the day. I assure Moms and Dads that their exhaustion, irritability,  Continue Reading »

Did you know that Mothers of Multiples are at greater risk for postpartum depression?

A recent study found in the Journal Pediatrics that mothers of multiples had a 43% greater chance of having moderate to severe depression at the nine-month postpartum mark than mothers of one baby. The joys of multiples are exponential, and so are the demands. It is essential that families with multiple newborns get support. Dr.  Continue Reading »