Did you know?

  • Twenty percent of women suffer from some form of postpartum adjustment disorder, including depression, anxiety, OCD, and rarely, more severe psychotic reactions.
  • expecting-mom-and-dad-paintersMany researchers have found that marital satisfaction decreases after the transition to parenthood.  Dr. John Gottman observed that a whopping 67% of couples were unhappy with their relationship after their babies arrived!
  • More families are located geographically distant from their families of origin, who provided support for the new family in the past.
  • Support decreases the likelihood of the development of postpartum adjustment difficulties, and lessens symptoms once they d0 occur.
  • Nontraditional families, including single moms by choice and gay and lesbian parents, may also experience postpartum adjustment difficulties.

How The MomSource helps…

When one or more babies are added to a family, parents face exponentially more demands.

The MomSource’s mission is to provide quality support, consultations, and products to expecting families. We help couples  identify their dreams of family and develop their unique family compass to realize their dreams after babies arrive. Through our service, families identify their needs, address communication issues, and are connected with sources of  support.

Our in-home consultations help identify needed support  and develop a plan to obtain that support. Weekend mini-retreats and full retreats provide a nurturing setting for expecting couples to strengthen their relationship before the baby arrives.  Remote support services through email and phone are also available by appointment.

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