For many centuries, mothers gave birth with their mothers, aunts, and grandmothers nearby and fathers were supported by their fathers, uncles and grandfathers. It is only in recent history that we have become geographically distant from our family support network and emotionally distant from the legitimacy of  receiving support.  Yet new parents still need support:  “it takes a village” to raise children with the hope of healing our world.

The MomSource assists expectant couples and new parents explore their strengths and needs as they grow their “village” of support.

Are you…

  • pregnant?
  • a new parent?
  • expecting twins or triplets?
  • a concerned family member?
  • considering adopting a baby?

The MomSource helps:

  • Reduce stress and enhance joy of baby care
  • Identify a safety net of support
  • Nurture the foundation of the family: the couple’s relationship
  • Provide “babymoon” pampering retreats for expectant couples
  • Aid parents in the joy and responsibilities of children
  • Assist in coping with the demands of multiples

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