A Canadian study found that babies who were cuddled “skin to skin” with the baby’s bare chest to the mom were more responsive to social cues earlier than is typical. Dr. Ann Bigelow, from St. Francis Xavier University, studied over 100 mother-infant pairs in Nova Scotia. In an interview with Scientific American,   she also reported that mothers who practiced skin to skin contact experienced less postpartum depression. In her study it was found that when mothers cuddled infants on their chest for six hours daily, their babies engaged in “social bidding” of mothers earlier. I have long recommended “wearing your baby” in a sling or baby carrier, particularly during those fussy times (i.e. “the witching hour” of 5:00pm) or with colicky babies . . . this goes further with “skin to skin” contact.  I would love to hear from you who have experience giving this “kangaroo care”.