It has been an amazing week, visiting extended family, enjoying reuniting with my nuclear family, and giving thanks for all the love and good in my life. It has also been demanding: adjusting to different time zones, changing locations and routines, and for this introvert, it is difficult to have fairly non-stop “together” time without sufficient alone, “down” time.

When we spoke in our last meet up about coping over the holidays differences with family members, we addressed how difficult it is to cope when family members say hurtful things, are judgmental, or intrusive about our choices. We spoke about the process of accepting differences from and within our families, realizing that “we can agree to disagree” and that it is possible to speak with empathy and with love, even when we disagree strongly.

Today I practiced another tool to help let go of some of the more challenging times: gratitude. I asked for some help and with my family, we shared many lovely memories and aspects of our week for which we were feeling grateful.  It was so soothing and a lovely way to end our time together. Wishing you and yours many grateful times together, and grateful remembering.