For years I have internally lamented that I seem unable to flip an “easy over” egg with ease, and my flapjacks often flopped rather than flipped. I thought  “I bet I’m not using my wrist correctly, I must be doing something wrong”.  Yesterday, as I made gluten-free pumpkin pecan pancakes for my forever baby girl, my trusty spatula was missing. I found another spatula in my deep cluttered “tool” drawer and discovered that sometimes, it’s not  ME, it’s the tool. 

This spatula’s handle was designed with an angle of about 40 degrees, rather than the 30 degree handle of the usual spatula. This straighter handle made it very easy to flip the pancakes! For years I had been assuming that my challenge was technique, when it actually was the wrong tool for the job.

I was reminded of the conclusions drawn by clients as they engage in negative “self-talk” when things don’t turn out like they expect, and the introductory message I give in both MomSource coaching and counseling consultations. “I will give advice and provide tools for you to use, but my role is that of a coach and cheerleader-it is your life. Determining which tools work for you is a collaborative process, I will ask if you tried x, and if it worked, so we can fine tune what works for you, your baby, your family.” 

That “sweet spot” of the perfectly turned pancake is so cool, and the feedback “I tried x and it really helped a lot! I am feeling much better!” gives me joy and purpose every day.