Custom Fit Support Plan

Dr. Thomason will come to your home and gather information regarding the specific needs of your family. These needs vary according to the temperaments, resources, and makeup of each family member. She will help you identify what kinds of support you may require and where you may obtain that support among your family, friends, and community. Sometimes the most difficult part of seeking support is the asking. Dr. Thomason will also help you become comfortable in both asking for support and accepting the limits of any particular source of support. As a result of this consultation, a “custom fit” support plan will be developed: a safety net of support for the sometimes stressful transition after babies come home.


Consultations are provided within the convenience of your home at a mutually convenient time. Office consultations are available upon request. Dr. Thomason will provide email support and phone support as needed and determined in your support plan.

Your Circle of Support

Within the consultation visit, Dr. Thomason will determine who is available to help you in the weeks and months after your babies come home. We will also gather information about the special skills within your support network.  This will include both the skills you already know about, and ways to ask about the unknown resources within your network.

Perhaps Uncle Leon is a master at putting fussy babies to sleep (and loves it) . . . Leslie from the office is a master baby walker (so you can get some sleep). . . “Grandma” makes the best chicken soup (and will freeze it for you!) The idea is that we will develop a plan to provide as much support as possible . . . so you can focus on bonding with your baby and enjoying precious moments of the love and tenderness of family.

Provide Referrals

Sometimes families are geographically or emotionally distant and/or the needs of the new family are beyond what can be found in your circle. When you are exhausted and overwhelmed from the demands of giving birth and caring for a newborn there is not enough energy to identify and research professionals who can help. A “doula” is a professional who “mothers the mother”. Doulas are available both as birth doulas and as postpartum doulas and can be a significant source of support. The MomSource can help you find the right doula for you. Although we know that breastfeeding is the healthiest form of feeding infants, often the support is not available to help master problems and frustrations of nursing. Lactation Consultants can help both with in-house consultations and phone support. The MomSource will help determine who can help you with nursing support. Other referrals, such as early childhood educators, nutritionists, personal trainers, yoga instructors, and massage therapists may also be obtained, according to your specific needs.

Help Solve Problems

The MomSource can provide guidance regarding problems with getting enough sleep and rest, sorting through anxiety about feeding issues, and providing general support and a forum for questions. Consultations for the MomSource are not psychotherapy services, but problem-solving and support for individuals without clinical diagnoses. Since Dr. Thomason has twin sons, she has a special interest in the unique challenges of families with twins and triplets, and can help you address those specific issues. Let her help you brainstorm solutions.

Free Postpartum Depression Screening

The MomSource is committed to preventing postpartum adjustment problems and identifying clinical issues requiring treatment, such as postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety disorders, and postpartum psychosis. We will provide upon request a free screening for postpartum depression and anxiety. At times, the “baby blues” does not dissipate, and postpartum depression or anxiety may be an issue. Dr. Thomason specializes in postpartum adjustment, and can either refer you as a client to her psychological practice or to another psychotherapist for treatment.

Coaching to Manage Support Team

Sometimes there are conflicts and problems with those in your support network, which can cause more stress than support. We want to ease this stress by helping you to assess your needs, understand other perspectives, and communicate effectively. Dr. Thomason can coach you and your family members in communicating effectively and managing conflicts . . . decreasing stress and enhancing joy.