Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon, with Vicki Abrams exceeded my dream reading of a pregnancy and childbirth book that is supportive, nurturing, and infinitely practical in their book

Numerous books explore the physical and even psychological changes which occur during pregnancy and childbirth. This book is the first I’ve read that even touches upon the changes in parents’ souls during this magical time of transformation.

In short, I love this book! The language is poetic, the ideas are practical, reassuring, and balanced. The authors integrate Ayurvedic and Western medical concepts in a seamless fashion, describing the miracle of life and the nurturing connection of mother and baby from conception through birth, and don’t forget the father!

More than any other pregnancy or parenting book which I’ve read, they are compassionate and supportiive of each individual family’s choices-not presenting in a moralistic “this way is the only way” but with an encouraging and supportive tone.

The emphasis upon the loving attention to the baby, mother, and father, is precisely what the MomSource seeks to provide for families. . .through information, resources, support, and support referrals.


A Holistic Guide To Pregnancy and Childbirth: Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives