Increasing Joy: Planning for Life “After Baby”

The transformation from “couple” to “family” has often been anticipated and planned for, yet new parents may be astounded by the intensity of these changes.  If you are expecting to be new parents, support can help you manage the stressful challenges of a newborn so you may cherish the joyful moments. A “helpnet” of your circle of family and friends can be critical in providing this support.

On November 5th Dr.  Thomason spoke at Hartford Hospital’s Blue Back Square location about planning for help after baby comes home.  Twenty five parents and parents-to-be attended and learned about how to plan and ease the transformation of your family.  One lucky couple won a free individual 90 minute consultation with Dr. Thomason to develop their customized plan for “after baby”.  Scheduling before the baby is born can benefit your entire family.

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