This Wednesday I will have the privilege to speak briefly to a group of parents of infants about nurturing your relationship, sort of a preview of our workshop on February 4th  at Blue Back Square.  Pat McClarney, RN, MSN, CPNP,  is a pediatric nurse practitioner with a marvelous nurturing manner with new parents and has offered this popular class for several years. She leads discussions regarding the importance of touch, play, and reading to your baby, as well as addressing sleep problems and other challenges parents face. This week’s discussion will focus on how you as parents can nurture your relationship together as you grow into the roles of “Mom” and “Dad”.

The MomSource’s mission is to help parents connect with sources of support and groups like this one are so important to provide one more “circle” in the links of a support network.  Can you help in this mission by posting here any local groups which support parents? Any class, group, or circle can be a good fit for someone, if they know about it.  Please help spread the word of what is locally available.