What do we do now??!

I remember when I brought my daughter Rachel home; I was both overjoyed and terrified. I wanted to be the best parent I could possibly be, and felt overwhelmed by the awesome responsibility of my new role.  Back then, I really could have used some time with a supportive group of other parents which included an experienced parent or two, just to talk.

We’re so grateful that Jennifer Vendetti, MSW, has agreed to meet with our Central CT New Parent Resource group this Wednesday, 10:45am and lead the discussion on “Baby Whispering”: how to figure out what babies need and want and how to provide it.  We will talk about such things as “how much crying is typical?”, “what if the crying doesn’t stop?” and “what can I do to help calm my baby (and myself) down?”

New babies and Expectant/Moms &/or Dads of new babies are welcome to come to share, laugh, and even cry in the comfy family educational room of the Emanuel Synagogue (open to the entire community, no religious affiliation required).  Please pass on the word about this wonderful opportunity for support, absolutely free.