A recent conversation with a Mom I know brought to mind and heart the amazing depth of love inspired by “baby”.  When I married my husband, I was overwhelmed by the love I felt for him as we committed to being partners for life.  As I stepped down the staircase to meet him and exchange our vows, I literally felt that I was floating in my happiness and joy. I couldn’t imagine a love equivalent to that peak experience.

When my daughter was born, I couldn’t wait to hold her; “Give her to me, give her to me” I whimpered as they took her to weigh and measure her. I was more exhausted than floating, more grateful than joyful.  I did hold her, wrapped together in warmed fluffy blankets, and put her to my breast for the first time. The seeds of love were sown in my heart even before she arrived, my hopes for her predated even our marriage-children had always been part of our life dreams.  The anxiety I felt as I tried so hard to be the “best Mommy ever”  did not dampen the growth of  primitive, protective, intense love of this lovely girl  baby. I was “head over heels” in love, again.

A neighbor had told me, “you don’t think you could love as much for the second baby, but it is so incredible, you do . . . your heart just grows and grows.”  When I received the amazing news in my second pregnancy that we were expecting not one but two baby boys, I was floored.  I couldn’t imagine being enough . . . being able to be  enough for two babies; one is hard-how would I manage to take care of two?  I really didn’t understand the power of love.  The power of love to get me through the twins’ pregnancy, bed rest, and delivery with the determination and knowledge that, while I didn’t have control, I would do everything I could to make sure they arrived healthy.  The power of love even helped me accomplish what had always been so hard for me-to accept help and to let go of trying to be perfect.  This power sent me again. . . and again, ” head over heels” with each of my beautiful boys. The power of love is exponential . . . it multiplies beyond you and the recipient, cementing families . . . transforming communities.  Tell us about your experience of  love’s power.